Mills-Peninsula Medical Group

  • Who We Are
  • Mission

The Mills Peninsula Medical Group was formed over twenty years ago to provide people in our community access to HMO insurance coverage that would allow our patients to use the majority of locally practicing independent physicians and Mills-Peninsula Hospitals.

Our group of physicians each own their independent practices and associate through MPMG to better coordinate patient care at competitive costs. MPMG is an Independent Practice Association. Our IPA is currently made up of well over 200 physicians.

Over the years MPMG grew into the largest and most successful Independent Practice Association in San Mateo County. As an IPA, we contract with a variety of insurance plans as well as others to allow our patients access to the best network of independent doctors.

MPMG is governed by a thirteen member physician Board of Directors who develop all strategies, policies and priorities. The Board is elected by a majority of the physician shareholders who own MPMG. The Board is supported by a dedicated management staff and physician-led committees.

We have a long-term relationship with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation where we work together with their physicians to assure access to a broad variety of medical professionals.

Mission Statement:

The Mills Peninsula Medical Group allows independent physicians to participate in a community-wide network of professional healthcare providers. We facilitate the delivery of consistently exceptional and easily accessible healthcare. Participation in the network allows independent physicians to share new information technologies, new models of care and other evolutionary changes in healthcare. We associate with each other to promote our patients well-being through the network’s outstanding performance.

MPMG will support our member physicians in their involvement both in the network’s managed care contracts and in MPMG’s other business relationships. Through appropriate fiscal management of a variety of revenue sources and in the development of new lines of business, MPMG aims to ensure the long-term success of the independent practice of medicine.


The Mills Peninsula Medical Group will support the independent practice of medicine in our community and will partner with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation to create a cohesive, clinically integrated network of physicians delivering exceptional, accessible healthcare.